The Evil Knieval Museum might be calling a new city home

Goodbye Topeka, hello Las Vegas. 

It looks like the Evel Knievel Museum will be leaving its Kansas home and heading to Sin City. The signatures aren't on the dotted line just yet, but it looks like the deal will come through. 

"There are more people involved in this decision than just us our team in Topeka," the museum's marketing director,  Amanda Beach, explained.

"This has been a joint venture with the Knievel family from the beginning. The museum has received many awards, had great reviews and received a lot of national exposure. This led to the Knievel family exploring the possibility of having our team move the museum to Las Vegas where the attraction can realize its greatest potential."

Unfortunately for fans of the superstar daredevil, it's unlikely that the move will happen anytime soon.  In a news release, the marketing team implied that even if the deal is approved, it could take years for the museum to end up in its new home. 

"This museum deserves to be in a tourism destination, and I don’t think anyone would question that Las Vegas makes the most sense for the Evel Knievel Museum to be there with Evel’s history in that city," Beach said.

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