Las Vegas wants to expand its sports market. The city might very well achieve that goal by becoming the new home of the Oakland Athletics.

Where will the Oakland Athletics go if they don't get their brand new stadium in Oakland?

The sports world wants to know, and oddsmakers are even starting to jump in on the action. Las Vegas, San Jose, Montreal, and Nashville are all listed as favorites to become the new home of the Athletics, making for a pretty competitive field. 

Offshore oddsmakers currently have Las Vegas as the odds on favorite to host the new team, giving the city another edge in an already growing sports market. Vegas is listed at  -200 odds on, followed by Nashville at +450, Montreal at 5-1, and San Jose at 6-1. Still, is the team actually going to move? 

“They’re not going anywhere. They’re staying in Oakland. That’s my opinion. But Las Vegas has to be one of the top locations for a team to go to,” DraftKings sportsbook director Johnny Avello said regarding the possible move. “The city has grown to 2½ to three million people, and other major sports teams seem to be doing well here. The Raiders haven’t had a game with fans yet, but they anticipate full capacity in every game this season. The NBA has been explored."

One reason Sin City tops the list is the city's willingness to build the franchise a new stadium. The only potential issue is the heat, which could force Vegas into paying for an indoor stadium. 

In the end, the A's future is a tough thing to predict. It depends on a plethora of factors that are still yet to unfold. This means that while Vegas might be the odds on favorite to host the A's right now, that could change in seconds. 

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